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Report: Sex abuse allegations against Christian singer Chris Rice ‘credible’

Reading Time: 3 minutes After 18 months, an investigation into alleged sex abuse by the Christian musician Chris Rice has found that the accusations against him are “credible.” It’s a remarkable fall for the singer, songwriter, and youth pastor. Rice’s history in the world of contemporary Christian music (CCM) is a fairly successful one. In 1998, he was nominated […]

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‘Use as example’: Southern Baptist self-protection in action

Reading Time: 11 minutes The whole document is horrifying reading. But one line in it particularly caught my eye. It read, “Use as example.” Today, we’ll look at this so-called “example” that the SBC’s leaders wanted to stand out as a perfect example of sexual predators in SBC ministerial ranks. Along the way, maybe we’ll see just why the people behind this document wanted to use this particular person, Perez Blackmon, as their ur-example.

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The Southern Baptist sex abuse report ignored the most important solution

Reading Time: 6 minutes On Sunday, the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States, publicly released a massive internal investigation into the sex abuse crisis that’s embroiled so many of their churches. The report took an investment of roughly $4 million, involved interviews with hundreds of people, and collected over 5 terabytes of documents. The […]

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The Hillsong scandal—and damage control—continues

Reading Time: 8 minutes A few days ago, the world learned that Brian Houston–beleaguered founder of Hillsong Church, a global megachurch–violated his church’s code of conduct with “inappropriate behavior” directed at two women. He’s trying his best to spin-doctor what he did, but he’s just making his situation worse. In the process, he’s revealing just how extensive his enabler network is–and how far they’re willing to go to protect Hillsong itself.

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Russian priest who adopted 70 kids convicted of sexual abuse of minors

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’ll never believe what happened when a conservative religious leader adopted 70 children. I’m just kidding. You know exactly how this plays out and you’re horrified without even reading another sentence. But I’ll tell you the horrific details anyway. Nikolai Stremsky was a rector at the Holy Trinity Convent of Mercy in Saraktash—part of the Urals in Russia. […]

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The SBC Isn’t Handling Its ‘Abuse of Faith’ Megascandal

Reading Time: 9 minutes SBC-lings like to imagine that their denomination is a loose federation of churches that govern the denomination from the bottom up. Yep, they’re all just big ol’ Jesus-ers who Jesus together — and, coincidentally, pool material resources to convert and control the whole world. The opposite is actually the case, as the EC demonstrated in spades that week.