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Twitter CEO Elon Musk is planning to buy the old-school social media platform Friendster. Friendster officially closed its doors in 2018, but that seems to be part of Musk’s master plan.

The Verge reported that Elon went into crisis mode when he discovered President Joe Biden’s tweet received more exposure than his on Super Bowl Sunday.

Biden’s tweet, in which he said he would be supporting his wife in rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles, generated nearly 29 million impressions. Musk, who also tweeted his support for the Eagles, generated a little more than 9.1 million impressions before deleting the tweet in apparent frustration.

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Even though Musk rallied enough Twitter engineers to create a system so that his tweets get more organic reach, it wasn’t enough to fill the appetite of Musk’s ego.

And that’s when he decided to resurrect Friendster.

“What better way to make sure your messages will get more eyeballs on them than Joe Biden’s than to own a platform that Biden can not join?” said longtime President of the Elon Musk Fan Club Andrew Canard.

Friendster was founded in 2003 by Jonathan Abrams. Back then companies like MySpace, Hi5, and Toksic were jostling to become the world’s largest social media platform. Many thought Friendster was destined to be the social media platform to dominate.

Friendster’s rising star was not meant to last. Due to inept leadership at Friendster and a lack of innovation, it fell behind Facebook. In 2011 the company attempted to rebrand it as a gaming platform. Ultimately nothing could save the site.

Seeing that the brand is so cheap those close to Musk believe it’s a genius move to buy it and then force overworked Twitter engineers to build the new site from scratch. “We don’t know what the new Friendster is going to look like, but we expect it to be a free speech zone where Musk’s voice is the loudest and his critics aren’t welcome,” said one Musk confidante.

Some may think Musk is spreading himself too thin. However, he is planning to hand over the CEO position at Twitter sometime at the end of 2023 when the company is more financially sound. Of course, Twitter being financially sound may sound like a pipedream when the company’s reported revenue dropped 40% year-over-year.

In related news, Tim Allen’s and Bill Cosby’s comedy tour is canceled.

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