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Try our streaming service, Commercial Palooza, that offers the best payment plans!

Reading Time: < 1 minute At Commercial Palooza, we know what you really want: more commercials and less programming. So, try one of our payment plans that aim to please, at ridiculously low rates!  $3.99/month This option features a solid hour-long block of commercials that has been conveniently placed right before and during that climactic scene where you’re supposed to […]

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When abortion is a joke

Reading Time: 5 minutes My college folklore professor Alan Dundes, a scholar often credited with creating the modern field of folkloristics, was an energetic teacher and learner with both a love and an encyclopedic knowledge of the field. When he gave a lecture on “sick” jokes to a hall filled with hundreds of students, I was fascinated. Even though […]

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The lazy atheist

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not doing something is usually easier than doing it. Not taking out the trash burns fewer calories than taking out the trash. Forgetting to run a marathon, neglecting to get a Ph.D. in physics, declining to write a novel—each of these non-doings is easier than doing any one of them. So it should be easy […]