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A Democrat who performs exorcisms and supports Christian nationalist ideas is heading back to the state legislature. Kim Daniels is guaranteed victory in Florida House District 14 after her sole opponent, a write-in candidate, dropped out of the race.

All of this is happening two years after Democrats thought they were finally rid of her. After first getting elected in 2016, Daniels lost her primary in 2020 against a progressive challenger by a comfortable margin. But after redistricting this year, she decided to run once again and won a four-way primary with nearly 50% of the votes.

Why are Democrats not thrilled about her automatic seat in the State House?

Among other things, Daniels has ranted against witches, pushed for “In God We Trust” signs to be placed in public schools in response to a school shooting, thanked God for slavery because “If it wasn’t for slavery I might be somewhere in Africa worshipping a tree,” claimed to cure someone’s cancer with a CD of Bible verses, tried to force schools to offer Bible classes, claimed dolls could be possessed by demons, and skipped the first day of the legislative session in 2019 to tape a segment for Pat Robertson‘s The 700 Club.

Even before getting elected to the State House, she opposed an LGBTQ anti-discrimination ordinance while sitting on the Jacksonville City Council. And there are So. Many. More. Controversies where those come from.

She even had help getting elected this time around thanks to a five-figure donation from a Ron DeSantis-affiliated political action committee. If that doesn’t tell you where her allegiances lie, nothing will. 

Kim Daniels is an utter embarrassment to the political process, which is why Republicans in Florida love her regardless of the political label she uses. If you’ve ever thought twice about running for office, remember that religious fundamentalists like her have no qualms whatsoever. And now, she’ll have a free ride to the legislature where she can inflict more faith-based damage to the entire state.

Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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