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Graduation speaker tells students to honor the Bible by avoiding gay marriage

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Friday, during a speech at the graduation ceremony for River Valley High School in Caledonia, Ohio, former RV graduate and local business owner Jim McGuire told students to follow the Bible and to stop being gay. “Choose a spouse,” he said, adding, “I also strongly suggest to make sure to choose biblical principles—you know […]

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Students are protesting Seattle Pacific University’s homophobic hiring policies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here’s what’s not surprising: Last week, the administration at Seattle Pacific University, a private Christian college in Washington, chose to keep in place “lifestyle expectations” in their contracts effectively blocking the hiring of openly LGBTQ people. Here’s what is surprising: The students are revolting. It’s not like this issue arose out of nowhere. More than a […]

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Conservatives’ devotion to ancient texts assures extra abortions, gun murders

Reading Time: 4 minutes American conservatives have a problem with documents, specifically the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. It’s an interpretive problem because conservatives believe those docs are sacred or sacrosanct, which neither is (due to the fact that a god doesn’t appear to exist to sanctify them). And because these documents are mischaracterized by conservatives as “holy” in […]

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Disinviting bigoted campus speakers blocks bigotry, not free speech

Reading Time: 6 minutes When American university and college students try to deny “free speech” platforms to arch-conservative opinion leaders they consider dangerous purveyors of bigotry, or just shout them down, right-wing complaints of suppression are swift and virulent. The constant trope is that American higher education institutions are controlled by “woke,” “liberal” academics and students who want to […]

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SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Catholic edition

Reading Time: 8 minutes Out of every strange practice in Christianity, spiritual warfare might just be my favorite of all. Just hearing a Christian use the phrase puts a great big silly happy smile on my face and laughter in my heart. Spiritual warfare is one of those super-context-dependent Christian practices. When removed from its very specific context its practitioners look like they’re playing a Happy Pretendy Fun Time Game — which they always were.